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one day a cute boy who listens to the gaslight anthem will sweep me off of my feet with his flannel and tattoos and unkept facial hair


The Gaslight Anthem - Ain’t That a Shame

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Brian Fallon & Ian Perkins @ CBGB’s by Rebecca Reed


The Gaslight Anthem: “Get Hurt” - David Letterman


"Eat poop" -Brian Fallon




New Gaslight Anthem lyrics leaked


OMG I just died

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The Gaslight Anthem

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I really want to get the opinion of the opposition on this, so I'm going to try to ask this respectfully. Do you feel like something was accomplished with them cancelling that package? Because all the people complaining did was take something away from other people, that's it. And there was no reason for it to be cancelled, it hurt no one. If you wanted it, buy it, if not, don't. Why can't other people pay for it and enjoy it? Why aren't they allowed to have that option? 

Hi, thanks for writing respectfully!
I’m going to try my best to answer every question, although I’m sure I don’t speak for the whole gaslight fanbase. The main reason that I was disappointed with the package is because I believe Gaslight misinterpreted what their whole fanbase is about. Gaslight has always been an accessible band, they have -nearly- always met their fans after gigs, and every time I have met them they were polite and caring — this is what makes them so amazing, their accessibility and how humble they are.

Now, when these packages come out, I guess it hurt the fanbase a little bit because it was implied that we were losing this accessibility. Did we jump to conclusions? Absolutely. Was it careless and selfish? Not necessarily. I know that you’re coming from the point of view “well if you don’t have the money to spend on them then why take the experience away from those that do???” — but by having these packages they were setting up an illusion of this hierarchy where the people that have more money to spend on them are “”better fans”” and are going to have a “”better experience”“. Following the punk ethos that predominates the fanbase, these packages go completely against what we thought the band believes in. That’s basically it. I (or maybe the fanbase/people that felt angry too) felt misjudged. Furthermore, the idea of having early entrance takes away the credit from people that spend hours queuing, people at the photo pit are making photographer’s jobs harder, etc.

I know the package idea also offended a lot of 45RPM fans, because it was more about pleasing the casual fan and not giving back to the committed members of the 45RPM club (even though they do get a discount). I can’t really elaborate more on this subject because I’m not part of 45RPM (s/o to the poor student life), so if anybody that is part of the group wants to further elaborate on this, be my guest!

I truly understand your point of view, where you’re willing to pay for the experience. But what if they didn’t come out to greet the fans afterwards because of the special package?? The package would be taking away the only thing that us “”poorer fans”” have.  So many things are extremely commercialized nowadays and the majority of the fans thought that this is something that shouldn’t be. I’m sorry if at the end of the day you feel like you aren’t going to have the experience you wanted to — but on the brightside, maybe now they’ll play the rarer songs live to all of their fans, and you’ll enjoy it with 5,000+ gaslight fans singing their heart out - instead of a small sound check session. 

I have a hard time stringing my thoughts, but I hope this made sense.
Good luck meeting them, and have a good concert.

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The Gaslight Anthem @ CBGB’s by Rebecca Reed


Alex Rosamilia

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what the fuck were gaslight thinking w/ the pre-show package? i am so disappointed

wanna give back to your fans? do competitions, give aways, un/official meet ups, acoustic sets, meet them after gigs, integrate these so called “rare songs” into your normal sets, etc

the only experience that can be bought are concert tickets, the rest is frivolous


Favorite band. Loving the new album. Thank you for trying new things, Gaslight.

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